Sony Entertainment Television

First mover advantage

Available in international markets since ‘90s

  • Sony and Zee were the only Indian channels available internationally from the mid-90s
  • On the hand Star and Colors only launched internationally in the early and late 2000s respectively – almost a decade after Sony and Zee
  • Sony (and Zee) enjoy a well entrenched familiarity in the minds of the NRIs

Deep distribution

Available in all major NRI markets, on all major platforms

  • Sony beats the new entrants Star and Colors in terms of availability on all major distribution platforms especially in important markets like the US, Canada, APAC
  • Distributed to over 25 million households in the international markets!

Higher viewership

Consistently rated in top 2 in international markets

  • Unlike India ratings, Sony’s viewership numbers (available in US and Middle East) has always been in the top 3, year-on-year